Our Services

Our Product Supply Chain

In line with our work with our business partners, product supply is provided by making use of the most efficient and fast logistics services. We ensure that our orders on truck, container or pallet basis arrive at our warehouse by preserving the freshness and quality at the time of delivery through our strong logistics partners. All of our products entering the borders of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are subject to the necessary taxation and pre-authorization, health and so on. permissions are obtained.

Sales and marketing

Thanks to the experience we have gained in the basic consumption and fast moving consumer goods sector, we understand the short and long-term strategies of the brands we represent, blend them with the consumption culture and customer structure of our geography and apply them to the local market perfectly. We derive our strength from our sales team specially trained according to categories and sales channels. Our main sales channels; Traditional Channel, Supermarket Channel, HoReCa and Asker. In the field of advertising and marketing, we are making 360-degree communication and representation of the brands we represent, in the most efficient way possible, by consulting from business partners who are experienced in their field.


Our Warehouses We have 7 warehouses, 5 in the Haspolat region of Nicosia and 2 in the Alayköy region. The region we are in is at the optimum point in Northern Cyprus in terms of logistics efficiency, considering the sales center of gravity. This feature enables us to serve our customers in the fastest and most efficient way. 3000m2 alayköy, 5326 m2 haspolat, located on a total area of 7500 m2 We work to provide the best service to both our business partners and our customers with our warehouses and offices of 350 m2. Our warehouses are international It is protected against all kinds of insects by standards and is periodically inspected. Our capacity is over 1000 pallets, and additional investment we can. We can load 2 truck unloading operations and 6 distribution vehicles at the same time.


To all customers in all sales channels… Our biggest plus is our wide and unlimited distribution network !!! We regularly provide service to over 700 sales points. Our main sales channels; Traditional Channel, Supermarket Channel, HoReCa and Asker. By supporting our fully equipped distribution team, our organizing display team also supports basic elements such as the location of our products at the points, shelf share, visibility, accessibility and freshness.